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Giving Housewives a much needed louder voice

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I believe being a Traditional Housewife is an occupation, and yet… “So, when are you going back to work?” is a question housewives all around the world hear on an almost daily basis. Frankly, this has to stop…

Victoria Derbyshire invited me on air to talk about my lifestyle - something totally normal in our Grandparents day and age, but sadly living that way has been forced underground in recent decades for fear of undermining the work of the feminist movement.

Husbands and Wives are consistently being shamed for their traditional lifestyles - and that, dear liberals, is not progressive.

Practice what you preach

As far as I understand it, feminism is about equality - but how does taking away a woman’s right to fulfil her desires to run her household under traditional values undermine ladies who wish to go out to work? Please be aware I am not here to tell women this is how it should be, but simply to celebrate the work we do in the home.

“HonestMum”, Vicki Psarias, made comment that this it is “a dangerous narrative”. So ladies, what is she saying? Put down your steam mop, hand your children to others, and go back into the corporate workplace? Go and submit to the decisions of your boss in return for a paycheck, and stop submitting to your husband who actually loves and values you?

There is very clearly widespread misinformation regarding traditional marriage values, and so this article, and this one too may be of help.

I will be back soon, on my YouTube channel to discuss what “submission” within our marriage really looks like - you can hear it from the horse’s mouth, rather than what some think it is, having never tried it. Also to talk about money, and how we make it work.

One last point - how are women staying at home having any bearing on closing the gender pay gap? Someone please clarify….

So, I shall leave you with two further interviews on the day who kindly let me talk a little further and stir up our great #ApronCladArmy

BBC Points West Bristol

BBC 5 Live with Tony Livesey

Husbands, and your wonderful wives please feel free to follow along on Facebook, and YouTube because so much more encouragement for you on the beauty of your lifestyle, and how to be the best housewife possible is coming.

Or, you can sign up to my newsletter to stay in touch that way too. English Etiquette will help us to return to traditional family values, and ladies, if you feel alone in this world and like you’re “living in the wrong era”, Ladies Like Us might be helpful.

With all my love and support,

Proudly - Mrs. Alena Kate Pettitt


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