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English Etiquette

The motivation behind the manners

English Etiquette details everything the English know about why etiquette matters, in a modern, understandable, and unpretentious way – while teaching you how to cultivate a traditional and charming countenance to rival any royal.

Covering topics such as gallantry and grace, common decency, lifestyle choices, the quintessential English wardrobe, and behaviour in the home, you will learn how to shoehorn a little English gentility from this practical field guide into your daily life.

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Ladies Like Us

A modern girl’s guide to self-discovery, self-confidence, and love

Ladies Like Us, the debut book from The Darling Academy shares honest, modern, fun, and gentle guidance on what it really means to be a lady today.

From finding your identity as a lady to feeling at home in your skin, we explore the countenance of natural ladylike charm available to us all. This book encourages women of all ages to embrace grace and elegance using modern etiquette, positive thinking, and embracing the joy of femininity in order to create and live a life you love.

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Kitchen Management Manual

Printable PDF housekeeping handbook

Our Kitchen Management Manual has been thoughtfully designed to help you keep your kitchen running smoothly. Within you will find useful charts for keeping an inventory of your fresh foods, pantry items, and freezer stock. We have also included useful weight and temperature conversions, beautiful menu planning sheets, recipe cards, and shopping lists that you can print time and time again, as well as some lovely display posters to print and laminate.

We hope you find it a reliable source of information whether you are new to homemaking, or have been running a home for many years.

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