Have you seen our official Kitchen Management Manual?

Our Homemaker’s Kitchen Management Manual

Kitchen Manual by The Darling Academy

There have been so many questions asked within our community about “home management best practices”, so I am delighted to share with you our brand new Kitchen Management Manual printable PDF.

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Kitchen Management Manual

Printable PDF housekeeping handbook

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  • Shopping List
  • Recipe Card
  • Pantry & Freezer Guides
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Printable PDF kitchen & housekeeping handbook

This document has been thoughtfully designed to help you keep your kitchen running smoothly. Within this handbook you will find useful charts for keeping an inventory of your fresh foods, pantry items, and freezer stock. We have also included useful weight and temperature conversions (great for those lovely personal recipes shared between our European and American housewives in the community). Plus beautiful meal planning sheets, recipe cards, and shopping lists that you can print time and time again, as well as some lovely display posters to print and laminate.

Kitchen Handbook

The guidance and documents you will receive in this housekeeping kitchen manual are based on how I have personally been running our home for the past decade. I am no Home Economics Headmistress who lashes a whip, or tuts at wrongdoing - but a real housewife, just like you, who wants to do a good job but not tie herself into a strict schedule that saps the joy out of making a home.

We are also including a bonus “laundry care” bundle to help you keep on top of that washing pile!

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Darlings, it has been a wonderful year of building such a fabulous homemaking community here in our little corner of the internet, and I am so thankful you have decided to join us in our pursuit of making “staying home” worthwhile. I hope this printable Kitchen Management Manual in PDF format will be a reliable source of information for you whether you are new to homemaking, or have been running a home for many years.

In a modern world that focuses on the achievements outside of the home, we like to bring the spotlight back on what you do inside your nest. We have within our midst so many likeminded homemakers who are overjoyed to know that we are once again celebrating their achievements in the home, and I am excited to learn that so many ladies of a younger generation are now realising that homemaking is not only an art, but a very fulfilling vocation.

Printable kitchen manual pdf

Good housewives know how to run an efficient kitchen

While we do not chase perfection here at The Darling Academy, we are always in favour of doing things a little better, and seeing where we can make improvements.

We can all achieve these things with the right support, and *the right tools*.

I am a big believer in that a little organisation oils the cogs of the home, and the smooth operation of your career as a housewife is down to relying on some *key aids* to help keep your daily tasks lighthearted, and well managed. There’s no need to pressure yourself to run a home with stressful military precision - if your kitchen is well managed, the rest of the home will fall into place.

The kitchen is, after all, the heart of the home - and where you, dear housewife, can shine most of all!

Happy Homemaking!

Alena x


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