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Featured on: We'll Never Be Royal podcast

London Royal Cavalry

Time to make a cup of tea and tune in your radios! I am delighted to share with you all that I have been interviewed by one of my favourites - the “We’ll Never Be Royal” podcast. Join us as we talk about all things to do with British lifestyle, fashion, royalty, and of course etiquette!

we’ll never be royal podcast hosts
Kristin, and her co-host Jules are fellow royal fans who follow the life and style of the young British royal family. I just love their mission statement that says:

We might never be royal…that doesn’t mean we can’t try to feel like one!

A sentiment that I wholeheartedly echo in English Etiquette!

Both ladies have been friends of mine on social media for a long time now. Kristin a fellow author and royal commentator, and Jules one of the best dressed women in the RepliKate community I have ever seen. Both have been incredibly supportive of The Darling Academy over the years. It has also been such a breath of fresh air to connect and make friends with such likeminded ladies.

We’ll never be royal

If you’d like to listen to the interview, and subscribe to a really fun podcast that shares all the latest royal fashion news, shopping tips, and ‘everything Kate & Meghan’, make sure to click the link below. You can follow their podcast instagram account, for the latest scoop on what’s coming up in future episodes.

We’ll Never Be Royal podcast: an interview with author Alena Kate Pettitt

I hope you enjoy listening, and I can only apologise in advance for my terrible Scottish accent! Make sure to listen out for a special announcement at the end of the interview.

Happy listening!

Alena x

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