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Dear Homemaker, love Nikki Moreno

Dear Homemaker - Nikki Moreno

Do you remember playing house as a little girl? Most of us look back on those memories with joy and certainty. We weren’t concerned about what little Josie down the street was feeding her baby dolls, or what napkins she was using to set her table.

It didn’t matter how our teacups were mismatched, or which side of the plate the forks were placed on. All we cared about was making our “house” look beautiful in our own eyes and enjoying those with whom we played. When a passer-by (usually Mom) would peer in, we would proudly show off our spread and invite her to join in the fun.

But wait! Baby is crying in her little wooden cradle, “hold on mommy, the baby needs her bottle!” Do you remember the joy you felt serving your playmate the pretend food you piled high on her plate? After she took a couple of air bites, you would flash a smile and happily clear her plate. But wait, there’s more!  We can’t forget dessert! Look at you, Miss Suzie Homemaker! We were so certain of our homemaking skills as little girls. You knew this was what you were meant to do.


For a moment dear Homemaker, I want you to meditate on that feeling. When did we stop believing in ourselves? When did we start thinking that the things we find beautiful or the things that bring us joy aren’t enough? When did we stop setting our tables for a passer-by? When did we stop picking up our precious babies and looking into their eyes or lavishly serving the people sitting at our own table? When did we stop having fun?

You are capable of being the nurturing homemaker that the child within you remembers. Nikki Moreno

Nikki Moreno youtuber inspired by nikki
You are capable of being the nurturing homemaker that the child within you remembers. You know what brings you joy, how to care for those you love, and what you believe to be beautiful. The child within your heart knows too. Maybe it’s time we go back to playing house and dress up, like we did as children. Let’s always set our tables with the best we have, even if there are chips in the glasses, or Josie down the street is setting hers differently.

Let’s remember to invite in the passers-by in our lives and take pleasure in nurturing them the way we did when we were little. Take care of those you love. Be lavish with your generosity. And have fun! This, is making a home.

With love,

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Hello darling,

Aren’t Nikki’s words wonderful? Her letter is reminiscent of the book I am reading at the moment by Sarah Ban Breathnach, “Simple Abundance”, which calls for you to look to your childhood for inspiration and unearth from there what things in life make you happiest.

I believe we are born with innate desires, preferences, and a deep longing for the things that will bring our soul true happiness, the same things that did as children. I mention this in the style section of English Etiquette - look to the past for clues of your true identity and who you wish to become.

For a lot of us, especially within The Darling Academy community, we simply wish to be wonderful homemakers creating enchanting homes for those we love. As adults, we have now the power to make our own choices - be brave and reject the things that want to strip away that is lovely and wholesome from you. Nest!

If you are craving some inspiration on how to make your daily life just that bit more beautiful, and learn to live with the grace and poise of a ballerina - then you simply must subscribe to Nikki’s YouTube channel, Inspired by Nikki. Just make sure you have plenty of tea on hand in dainty china cups, you’ll be there for quite some blissful time.

Happy Homemaking,
Alena xxx


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