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A chat with Ask Charlie: choosing to be a housewife

Ask Charlie Podcast

Women from working class generations of old learned their practical homemaking skills at the aprons strings of their mothers and grandmothers, while others went “into service” to support their families and learned further practical skills that way.

Home Economics classes at school taught our Grandmother’s generation the basics, until it was (foolishly) scrapped on the National Curriculum, and in the span of a few short decades, many of us are now living like the ladies from the upper echelons of society without even knowing it! Leaving all the practical stuff to others, entirely clueless, or for the most part, muddling through a little unsure and wondering why we aren’t happier at home with all the mod cons! Not many women are blessed with the art of domesticity as a natural talent, and it takes lots of us (myself included) much trial and error to get to a place that we feel we’re finally mastering our domains.

I believe that women from all walks of life in today’s culture are missing out on so much knowledge, and therefore confidence when it comes to running our homes. While many of us have gainful employment in industries that do not centre around the home, we still are living in them.

So where, and how, do we learn these skills when there are no daily conversations, practical hands-on learning experience, or wisdom being passed from one generation to the next? We must look laterally now. Enter my dear friend Charlie…

A homemaking podcast for seasoned and aspiring housewives.

The Darling Academy Podcast With Ask Charlie

How can I learn practical homemaking skills?

Charlie Gray of Ask Charlie, and I have a very similar passion - to make the mission of managing our homes a lovely one! She is the practical side to the “heart and soul” element over here at The Darling Academy. A couple of weeks ago we dialled in to chat all things choice, the joy of being “just a cosy Mum”, optimising our husband’s work with our own, and the magic of making a home.

More importantly, how to respect who you’ve always wanted to be and have the courage to step away from what doesn’t serve you.


I really hope you enjoy our conversation, and feel seen, supported, and know that there are women out there just like you. It’s ok to go against the grain of what’s expected of women today, and you owe it to womankind to have the courage to follow your heart - even if it leads you right back home again!

With love,

Alena x

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