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Ladies Like Us book

“Sometimes when being a woman, one forgets to be a lady. This gem reminds us of grace, faith, and moral code”.

“A positive and uplifting read for women of all ages”.

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Alena Kate Pettitt founded The Darling Academy in early 2016 and her first book, Ladies Like Us, focuses on boosting female self-esteem and embracing the empowerment that comes when ladies turn towards their feminine energy rather than fight against it.

The Darling Academy teaches tools and mental techniques to promote daily happiness and how the use and expression of grace, kindness, etiquette and positive thinking can help women lead a life they truly dream of.

Ladies Like Us charts an inward transformation with an outcome of spiritual awakening. We live in a fast-paced world that honours wealth, beauty and achievement above all things, but The Darling Academy believes true lifestyle success (be it material, such as obtaining fast cars and designer handbags) can only ever really be achieved and enjoyed when your self-esteem and spiritual house is in order first.

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