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Why nice girls will always finish first

Nice girls finish first

They say everyone has a divine purpose. That every one of us is born for a reason, and many women have felt or been told on many occasions that it is simply to look pretty, have a successful career, catch a man, make a home and have babies – but it goes a lot deeper than you may think.

Since the 1960s we’ve been saying a lot of “NO” to everything that we think it means to be a “lady”. We burnt bras, refused to cook, went to work, climbed the corporate ladder, opened our own doors and paid our own bills. We found girl-power and did things our way, mostly to the detriment of our dignity and self-respect. Our media and culture has glorified us as “sexually aware, powerful, independent women” and at the same time still makes fun of us for wanting to find the man of our dreams and feel pretty.

We’ve been very vocal about wanting to have it all. To not be defined by our gender, but still revel in the pleasures of what sets women apart. But after all these years of “fighting for freedom”, why are so many of us still miserable? Such aggressive feminism seemed appealing at first, but why are divorce rates soaring and the collective levels of self-esteem among our young girls ever plummeting? What have we really won?

Our focus on what we look like to our peers and proving how “girl power” we are is often at the expense of how we truly feel. We just don’t know where to look for the answers. Adding to this confusion, we are spoon-fed what we should want to do, buy, feel, and how to live.

Somehow everything the world offers us still feels so wrong, so we keep on searching for the next best thing that will make us happier. We are looking to the world to fix our self-doubt and create an identity for ourselves. The number of Instagram followers we have gives us validation where a healthy and classy self-esteem should be.

We have become hardened to the world around us and lost a softness that women were once praised for. It became cool to be a “mean girl” (but we still want people to be nice to us).

Maybe you just don’t feel confident in your skin, or you do, but you also have a series of regrets because of your lifestyle or a constant nagging feeling that your life isn’t going the way you hoped it would. The way you dreamed of all those years ago before you had to “man up”.

Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones, the young ones yet to step out into the big bad world but you have no clue where to start.

Don’t panic. Darling, don’t panic. I’ve seen it and done it all and now I want to share my journey with you and the answers I have found to this big question.

What does it take for a woman to be happy with herself and her life?

The answer lies right there in your DNA, in your XX chromosomes. For years we have been lying to ourselves that we were all born equal. I may be strung up for stating this, but I believe that we are not equal to men! Nor are they equal to us, not in the ways that we immediately think.

To clarify, as human beings yes, we do have equal opportunities and equal rights (in first world nations), but we are not equal in our genetic make up or our spiritual and emotional strengths. We are all unique, talented beings with wonderful potential, but we cannot look to anyone else for the answer of what will make us happy - only within, to the spirit. We’ve spent half a century berating men and trying to beat them at their own game and in the process we lost our true purpose and what makes us special…

Our femininity.

The glorious gift of being female that lies within your heart and your spirit is waiting for you to simply wake up! It is easier than you might think to “be a girl” and still step out into the world to achieve your dreams. This time with a confident and classy approach, with inner strength, a sense of peace, love in your heart, and a desire to nurture.

Princess with crown

You know it feels wrong to carry so much bitterness and baggage. That mean-girl facade is wearing thin and it is time to wake up to the feminine softness bubbling under the surface.

How can you love yourself when you continue to fight who you are? You are a being meant for goodness and kindness. You were born to love.

Only a few years ago I was feeling hopeless, aimless, and consuming everything the world said would make me happy, and yet inside I was empty. Full of crippling self-doubt and even lower self-esteem. I was trying to be a worldly woman. I was a typical self seeking mean-girl and it was slowly destroying me.

After what can only be described as a “breaking”, at the age of twenty-seven I went through an amazing journey of awakening. From newly married, new mum with zero compassion or energy, to purposeful, passionate and confident living.

I finally found the key to fulfilment and happiness that was lying dormant inside me all this time! I discovered what it takes to be a lady with intention, to feel confident and happy every day and more importantly, what it takes to say no to what the world expected of me.

I started to explore and indulge in a brighter, lighter and kinder way to live and love.

Now I wish to share the happy, inspiring and confidence-building secrets of living true to your feminine identity. I want to share what it really means to feel and be beautiful. Every day.

Poise, elegance, etiquette, grace and self-esteem - this is the modern finishing school for women.

Ladies Like Us is a call to arms and a school of reform for any woman who underneath it all really does care about what she presents to the world, how to handle herself correctly in any situation and wishes to surround herself with everyday happiness.

There is a quiet underground movement among young women who are embracing old-fashioned values and returning to their original dreams despite all that exhausting bra burning and man bashing. Gone are the six-inch heels, boob jobs, big gobs and fake beauty and in its place a classy, kind, educated and romantic young woman worthy of catching any prince.

This is a new kind of sisterhood for those who wish to awaken the gift of what it means to be set apart.

The nice girl is here to stay, and she’s set to rule.

Join the ladylike revolution and secure your copy of Ladies Like Us today.

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