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Last week I sent a copy of Ladies Like Us to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. It went with a very heartfelt letter about how she has inspired me, along with a whole generation of women to embrace a truly graceful lifestyle.

It's so refreshing to have a positive role model like her, don't you agree? Seeing as the book was mostly inspired by her it only seemed fitting to send Her Royal Highness a copy.

I'm now anxiously awaiting a reply from Kensington Palace, which always comes. They're good with etiquette and social correspondence like that.

Audrey and Jacqueline would be getting one for Christmas too, if only.


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Alena Kate Pettitt is a wife, mother and author from England. She holds traditional family values dear to her heart and is passionate about sharing the wonderful spiritual transformation that can blossom when young women finally embrace their natural femininity and all that they were made to be.

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