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Sadly, germs are still rife in the Pettitt household. If we've achieved anything over the past two weeks it has been to prove that families like to share.

Usually I hate declaring and sharing that I am sick (but there's no hiding this mess). I'm feeling blogger guilt over abandoning all writing and communications while I hide out from the world under umpteen layers of fleece. #sochic

Please stay tuned as I have a few exciting announcements and things coming up for February. I am working on a sister book for Ladies Like Us, and there are plans afoot at home (think makeover), which I'll be sharing here on the blog. I also have a giveaway and an exciting collaboration with some ladies I'm very excited to introduce you to!

Kittens or puppies? I'm camp kitten.... obviously. This is my aunt's cat, isn't she a sweetheart? Oh and that guest room decor. Swoon. My aunt has such beautiful taste and is the perfect hostess, I want to move in!

One final note to say:

a THOUSAND THANK YOU'S to everyone who has reviewed Ladies Like Us on Amazon, it really is wonderful to hear that so many of you enjoyed the book. Please could I encourage you to share your thoughts on Goodreads or blog about it to help spread the word with your girlfriends. My passion is that the message of the book reaches the hearts of women everywhere. I appreciate and send love to every single one of you. Alena xxx

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