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Look Book: classy through cold and flu season

This time of year is hardly prime time for looking or feeling our best. If the cold weather isn't wreaking havoc on our skin and hair then stale air inside our homes and all those circulating germs certainly stick the nail in the proverbial coffin.

Seriously though, a cold won't kill you but it may certainly feel that way at the time. If you can't fix yourself naturally, then perhaps a little visual brightness and self-indulgence will help to lift your spirits, (and there's always the hygge method).

Here's a little look book to inspire you to stay classy during cold and flu season. Don't forget that a bunch of fresh flowers will also do the trick to brighten your mood. Staying snuggled up on something luxurious helps too - I'm lusting after the "Duchess" slippers below.

"Don't you think daisies are the happiest flower"? #namethatmovie

Stay happy and healthy ladies. x


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Alena Kate Pettitt is a wife, mother and author from England. She holds traditional family values dear to her heart and is passionate about sharing the wonderful spiritual transformation that can blossom when young women finally embrace their natural femininity and all that they were made to be.

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