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Hello ladies!

Would you like to join The Darling Academy Alumnae social group on Facebook? Consider this your personal invitation, and I'd love you to RSVP.

A social networking group for readers and fans of The Darling Academy - a place for likeminded ladies to discuss lifestyle, fashion and feminine frivolity. This group is also a place to find and connect with friendly female support or just have a chat with open minded, encouraging and kind hearted women all over the world!

We come from all corners of the globe and the age range is vast but we have one thing in common, we love to embrace exactly who we are - no judgement, politics or condemnation for loving ladylike, elegant and feminine things. It's a great place to promote your blog or etsy shop too!

We'd love to have you join us! We are already 70+ women strong and can't wait to meet you!

This week we are holding an exciting give away just for members. Come and say hello.

(If you don't use Facebook, fret not, you can also sign up to our Gazette).

See you over there darling!



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Alena Kate Pettitt

Alena Kate Pettitt is a wife, mother and author from England. She holds traditional family values dear to her heart and is passionate about sharing the wonderful spiritual transformation that can blossom when young women finally embrace their natural femininity and all that they were made to be.

“Sometimes when being a woman, one forgets to be a lady. This gem reminds us of grace, faith, and moral code”.

“A positive and uplifting read for women of all ages”.

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