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In Defense Of The Princess by Jerramy Fine

Being an author is a curious thing. You have an idea for a book in your head, be it fiction or non-fiction that itches inside your brain like an insatiable scratch until you finally put pen to paper or finger to key in order to let it out. Through the process of writing you constantly wonder whether people will be interested or not, think you weird or an inspiration, like your style or revolt at the subject.

It's an inescapable conflict between self-esteem and self-depreciation but you battle that word count regardless. Because you have something important to say, especially when you are writing about something that the "the world" naively deems....

Silly. Girlish. Childish. Unimportant. Dreamy. Juvenile. Submissive and Oppressive.

Yet you know this view is wrong and doing us no favour.

The rise of Princess Power

Regardless of your topic, all authors have one thing in common - we write from the heart (and largely about things that inspire us). Usually coming from a place of experience, or deep longing.

Fellow author, Jerramy Fine is my like my spiritual sister. I've followed Jerramy's work since my "Kate Middleton fan-girl blogging days", during which she has authored some fantastic books about never giving up on your unquenchable childhood dreams, and how to find your own prince. Never in a million years did I think our lives would collide beautifully like they have recently.

You see, without putting too fine a point on it - Jerramy and I, as we found out over coffee, have a whole hive of bees in our bonnets! Having written what turns out to be very similar books on a subject dear to our hearts, we wholeheartedly agree that there is something not entirely right about the current state of femininity. The popular view and definition of feminism and the female identity doesn't sit pretty with us either.

It's so nice to know and connect with another woman who passionately wants to help us all to celebrate and embrace the princess archetype rather than continue to bring about her demise. Most of us don't even realise it or pay much attention, but the said "Princess" or "typical feminine archetype" does more for us than we realise (or feel bold enough to admit).

We just can't leave this subject alone, and subsequently Ladies Like Us, and Jerramy's In Defense Of The Princess were born. To use the phrase coined by Ms Fine, we desperately want to share with you our determination to see the rise of #PrincessPower.

One of my favourites quote from Jerramy's book is this.

"We can't tell a girl she can be anything she wants and then turn around and tell her she can't be a princess. We can't tell girls they have all these choices and then tell them they've made the wrong one. But we can help girls understand the vast responsibilities that all princesses inherit and help them to become the wise and loving queens they are destined to be".

My review of In Defense of the Princess below is taken verbatim from Amazon.

In Defense Of The Princess

I absolutely adored this book, and found myself both crying with relief and nodding in agreement with so much of what Jerramy says. Having read her other books, this one is the grown up, somewhat academic version of her message that really argues FOR the princess, and yes, defends her brilliantly. You need this in your arsenal for quips and scientific/psychological comeback if you ever find yourself having to defend your character and persuasion for living a "feminine" lifestyle. You can be both intelligent and beautiful. You CAN love shoes and science. Women are multi-layered and it doesn't make us less successful if we enjoy fashion while working in finance!

Like "fake news", the witch-hunt for ladies and girls who like to choose to actually act like ladies is built on false information, bitter attitudes and judgement (*whispers* when you act like this, it's not very ladylike or worthy of princess status - it doesn't make you the brighter or better woman to put another one down. Nor does it lift you higher in anyones eyes).

We live in a world where it has become rather shameful to embrace our femininity, instead, feeling like we should shroud ourselves in bitter, a-sexual old-school feminist attitudes and "act like a man" in order to get ahead. Girl power isn't "better than" man-power, but it is JUST as valuable and valid. It's time to stop the in-fighting and get along like we are meant to.

I agree that there are so many issues facing the women of the world that we feel we have no control over and must fight for - but criticising amongst ourselves doesn't strengthen the ranks, it only serves to pull it apart. Ladies who choose to wear make up can link arms with those who do not - our voices and passion are what unites us, not our looks.

So many women and girls alike of our generation need to read this - those princess dreams you had when you were young were VALID, and made you stronger than you realise. There is no need to be ashamed of your genetically pre-determined gender, nor all of the "typical" thoughts, feelings and desires that came with it. There's more power and magic in them than you realise.

Read this and re-discover the royal within you.

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Good luck ladies!


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Alena Kate Pettitt is a wife, mother and author from England. She holds traditional family values dear to her heart and is passionate about sharing the wonderful spiritual transformation that can blossom when young women finally embrace their natural femininity and all that they were made to be.

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